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Simcoe Habilitation Services Inc has been providing specialized private and public sector Physiotherapy, Speech and Occupational Therapy services for over 30 years. With an unparalleled reputation for quality, it has the distinction of being the only privately held company to be given the governmental designation of a non-profit “Transfer Services Agency” for the Ontario Government, which Simcoe Hab has served since its inception in 1979 - a testament to the deep trust and confidence that the Government of Ontario places in our staff and our company. Today we also serve the general public with the same standard of care, commitment and professionalism.

A Unique Mediator-Model Approach to Client Care

In addition to providing hands-on clinic-based and work-site-based rehabilitation services, Simcoe Hab places a particular emphasis on the in-home “Mediator Model” of client care. Our multidisciplinary team trains the client’s primary caregivers and relatives to carry-out daily intervention plans unique to the client’s condition and environment, thus facilitating  accelerated recovery, functional independence, safety and reduced costs of clinical rehab visits.  Our range of services include:

  • Wheelchair, Walker and Mobility  Assessments
  • ADP Authorization for Mobility  & Seating
  • Neurological and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Home & Environmental Accessibility & Safety
  • Attendant Care Assessments
  • Fine/Gross Motor Skills
  • Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
  • Cognitive & Perceptual Rehabilitation
  • Life Skills Assessment and Training
  • Driver Rehabilitation
  • Case Management
  • Sleep Positioning & Sleep Systems
  • Home & Work Demands Assessment
  • Pain Management· Safe Transfers
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